Monday, September 8, 2008

A Word on Discourse

One of the things I have noticed since I started blogging many years ago was the unwillingness of many people to actually have honest discourse. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the frequent hyperbole that is employed and the genuine (and almost heartfelt) disrespect that is shown to one another. The speed at which posters resort to name calling is amazing.

I have been on conservative blogs and liberal blogs and I would like to share with you what I have learned. There is an orthodoxy of ideology that is required on many blogs. In fact I can't tell you how often I have been banned or threatened to be banned for doing nothing more than simply voicing an opposing opinion. The discussions (and I use that term generously) devolve into name calling and then the obligatory "I feel sorry for you" comments. It is shocking that a discussion cannot continue between Americans of good will without devolving into such ridiculous attacks.

I share this not as someone on the left or someone on the right but as someone who is very much like you. I believe that those that I disagree with are as American as I am. I believe that they have a genuine desire to make the country better. Unfortunately our political discourse is so extreme that we often lose sight of that. It pains me to see that we can't have a reasoned discussion and sometimes be willing to agree that there are downsides to our particular opinions and to our specific points of view. Because of that I encourage you to participate on blogs that allow all opinions no matter how ridiculous. The insane ideas will be shown for what they are.

If you currently post to a specific site (other than this one) think about this concept. How does the site handle diverging opinion? Are differences of opinion tolerated or are the "trolls" banned. If you belong to a site that does not tolerate dissent perhaps that is a reflection of the weaknesses of the blog author or of the opinion of the author. Agreement should not be a requirement of any blog because without dissent we never get the chance to hone our viewpoints or, heaven forbid, see a new idea and accept it.

I am grateful for those of you who have joined me on this particular ride. It is my hope that the next time I have a disagreement with someone on line that I will voice my opinion with respect and with the idea that the person I disagree with genuinely has a reason for feeling the way that they do. I also hope that I will consider that my own position may have flaws and that I should be confident enough to admit the flaws and be willing to be persuaded. Emotional attachments to ideological beliefs don't lend themselves well to open discourse. Maybe we should consider this in each of our debates.

In the end I realize this is nothing more than a blip in your life if even that. Maybe it is nothing at all to you. If I did anything I hope that I gave you the chance to consider some strange ideas and to realize that you know a great deal more than maybe even you realized you knew. America is a great country and I believe that institutionalized racism has been eradicated. Sure, racism is out there but I think that most of society regards modern day racists as people who likely have damaged chromosomes or were dropped on their heads as children. I say this about white and black racists both for it is clear that there are many racists on both sides of the issue.

To answer the remaining questions - is Timbob actually Professor Red? Is Professor Red actually Fayed X. Is Timbob all three? Are each of them different people? Does it matter? I wish you the best and hope that you will give these words some thought - or as Fayed X might say "Think about it!"

Fake Obama Supporter

On the MTV awards Russle Brand came out in support of President Obama as a trick.  He is pretending to like President Obama only to get people to vote for McCain.  DON'T BE FOOLED!  This man is crazy and knows that people will vote against anyone he supports.  He is a John McCaine campaign supporter and this whole thing is a act.  

I can assure you that the Obama people do not want this man's support because he hurts their cause.  People like this are so tricksters that it makes me angry.  He is a typical white person who simply is using reverse psychiatry.

Think about it.

Fair Coverage ENDED

I think I am the first to cover this so pay close attention because this is very important!

President Barack Obama receives fair coverage from exactly two anchors on the cable channels - Kieth Olberman and Chris Mathews. These two men have provided an important voice and excellent coverage but that has apparently upset some people. All of the suddent words like "incendiary" and "biased" are used to describe these objective reporters. Tod Scarbrough is someone that has most of the influence at MSNBC. Kieth Olberman has worked his way up and tried to do a good job but Scarbrough just won't allow it. I guess that's what Olberman gets for trying to fight the white power structure.

For everyone that reads my blog I am not usually liking white anchors that are part of the corrupt reporting structure. But I am a fan of Olberman and Mathews because they tell it like it is even when it is unpopular. There reward for their good reporting is to be pulled off the story. I can only hope this report is a mistake but you can see if The New York Time is lying.

************ACTION ALERT***********

If this is true please email MS NBC to tell them to change this choice. Make them understand that if they won't put back on these men that they should have Oprah do it.

Sarah Palin Exposed

It is amazing that the main street press doesn't pick this up but it is another example of how the Republicans control the media. In this video we can see just how stupid and ignorant Sara Pallin is and that she is the kind of person we DONT need in the white house. Remember, don't vote for her or this is what you will get. Think about it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

eMail with a Complement

The Barack Obama campaign has taken notice of our exposure of the Jim Bob campaign of deceit against the Truth First blog and Obama campaign adviser.  I can't share the whole eMail because some of it is private but you'll get enought to see the main idea.  Thanks to everyone who helped and for all of my faithful readers and emailers.

Video Fakery and Body Double

There has been a lot of lies told about Barack Obama but one of the worst ones is that he was a frequent drug user. As someone who receives many emails from President Obama and important people around him I can tell you first hand that HE DOES NOT USE DRUGS. There is a video clip that has been sent around the internets and supposebly shows that he uses drugs or did at some other time. If you want to see for yourself you can see that it is a fake person pretending to be Barack Obama saying that he used drugs. The white establishment tries to hide the fact that the camera is moving all around but it is a LIE. They moved the camera like that so you can't get a good look at the guy pretending to be president Obama. Think about it.

Good News - Inside White America Preview 1 of 6

Until my book comes out I want to give some samples of what is in it. This will make a lot of people excited and give them a chance to see how my book will take down the white power structure. Here is the first part. I have six different parts that I am going to share. But don't worry. I will keep blogging too.

The Cradle of Civilization

Millions of years ago in the region that is full of light and knowledge, man came upon the planet and was in control of everything. This was the African man - the perfect man. The African man studied the world around him and understood the planet and solved the mysterious of the cosmos. The African man gave order to the world and when he was in control there was no global warming, no hate, no poverty and no mistrust. Because of the African man great civilizations were built and all of the great understanding that exists today was documented and made available to all other races that came after the African man.

The other races took the information from the African and made it their own. Some races corrupted the information and confused it so that it would not be traceable back to the African man. Sometimes the other races use the information against the African and attempted to control or break him down. No matter what the races did they were unable to gain control of the African man so they left the area in wind out across the face of the world.

Many of the records that recorded how the different groups evolve and became different races were destroyed over the years by the Caucasian man. Most scientists believe that there was a natural inferiority among the Caucasian groups and they begin and separating themselves into different regions around Africa. With the main and most prosperous tribe remaining in the heart of Africa the last successful tribes began migrating around the different parts of Africa. In many cases they would take the technology created by the original African man and attempt to use it on their own but their natural limitations prevented them from making civilizations like those created by the black African man. Over time races that were not as strong were forced out of Africa through competition or due to their own choice.